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Learn How To Find Your Purpose & Pursue Your Passion
Learn How To Finally Live A Life of Total Fulfillment
Get exclusive access to weekly videos released by Christy, featuring recordings of her live events, keynotes, and her signature course, "How to Ask For The Promotion, Raise, and Bonus You Desire and Deserve."

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This all-access community is for you if you're:
✔ Exhausted and overwhelmed 
✔ Are successful but unfulfilled
✔ Don’t know how to ask for a raise or promotion 
✔ Are tired and exhausted from playing office politics
✔ Want to be in a relationship, but success gets in the way
✔ Overqualified, but keep getting overlooked for promotion 

Here's how it works...
In this exclusive private community, you will get access to:
☑️ Weekly video releases with Christy
☑️ Christy's live events and keynotes
☑️ Interviews with world leaders
☑️ Christy's audiobooks and Ebooks
☑️ Insight from millionaires and billionaires
☑️ Christy's signature course - "How to Ask For The Promotion, Raise, and Bonus You Desire and Deserve."

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☑️ Live 60 minute Q&A - monthly (Ask Christy anything)
☑️ Monthly book club recommendations and live discussions (60 minutes)

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Within 3 months, I got 3 job offers and accepted a 40% raise

I met Christy at Harvard Business School and after a brief conversation, I knew she would be the one to motivate me to realize my value. She saw something in me that I didn't see. That I needed to own my greatness, be more self-confident and start to speak up in meetings. She said getting a promotion would be easy and although I didn't believe it, I believed HER.
Within 20 days, I was sent 8 jobs to consider, all at higher pay levels. Christy told me to narrow down my choices to 3 and I received job offer letters from my top 3 choices. Within 3 months, I got a job offer with a 40% raise. I knew that taking this opportunity would create a better quality of life for my family. I feel like God used Christy to wake me up to my untapped potential and my life will never be the same again. Emme Mtiro, Public Health Advisor, Rwanda (Nov 2019)

 I never made over $15k in my business but made $310k in 6 months with Christy

For 5 years, I never made over $15k in my business. Christy expanded my vision and within 6 months I generated $310k and significantly increased my brand among my high net worth clients. AND my $200k job offered to renegotiate my contract, so I’ll work half the time, but with double the pay. Christy taught me how to make the Law of Attraction work for myself and made sure I carved out enough time to be present with my family and self-care.
After 18 months of building my business while working my job, I resigned and will start a new chapter in my life Dec 1, 2019. I will work from home and get my son off the bus, which was my goal of financial freedom all along. I highly recommend Christy if you're looking to get immediate results and build a long term plan to change any area of your life. She's simply the best. R. Dennis, ​Luxury Event Planner ​(Nov 2019)​ stock photo used to protect identity of client

I got a $24k raise, $20k in bonuses, stock options, additional vacation time, and more...

Working with Christy for the past 2 years have surpassed my expectations and what I thought was possible. I was focused on the title I wanted, but didn't consider the other things I wanted. My pay is $24,000 higher, I've received 4 bonuses over $5000 each, stock options, more vacation time, and my company pays for me to attend 2 personal development conferences a year. They also recently allowed me to telecommute several days a week and support me in starting my own small business AND speaking business. This is far from anything I've ever imagined and it gets better. I can't wait to see what the future holds, but I know what's possible because I'm creating it. ​​Kelley Sexton, EA to the Office of CEO, Unity Biotechnology (Aug 2019)​

Within 3 months, I got a promotion and $12k raise

When I started working with Christy, I was frustrated because I wanted to be promoted, but couldn't figure out how. I'd asked several times, but kept getting turned down by my boss. I knew I was missing something. Within 3 months of working with Christy, I got my promotion and negotiated a $12k raise instead of the $3k they offered. It took about a month to get it done, but I was persistent and got it done.
While I was negotiating, I could hear Christy saying, "You deserve it. You deserve it." It gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted and stand in my power. I got what I wanted and I'm very happy about it. Trin Samuels GS-14 (May 2019)

I've been offered a Deputy CIO position!

Christy I've been offered a Deputy CIO position! I'm over the top excited. I think it will be less stress, more money, and more respect ( which was my affirmation for 2019). I'm a problem solver and I'm going in to work my God given magic and be unapologetic about the gift! That's a part of me now. I'm the best me I know and it took way too much energy to make someone else comfortable. I'm so thankful and forever free! Envy, prejudice are real but God is greater. Here's to another Christy Rutherford win C-suite style. Saundra (Jan 2020)
​stock photo used with similar likeness of client

 I was offered several jobs within 45 days of starting the group coaching program

Working with Christy, I have a clear vision for my future in my personal and professional life. I felt devalued by my organization for 10+ years and wasn't promoted. Christy helped me see that I gave too much to others and helped them succeed at the expense of mine. By taking responsibility, shifting my perspective and owning my greatness, I was offered several jobs within 45 days of starting the program. I have unstoppable self-confidence and can clearly articulate my experience and value to potential employers. A better future is guaranteed for me and my family because I'm creating it. Chrystin, Environmental Manager (April 2020) stock photo used with similar likeness of client
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Weekly video releases with Christy
  • ​​Christy's live events and keynotes 
  •  Interviews with world leaders
  •  Christy's audiobooks and Ebooks
  • ​Insight from millionaires and billionaires
  •  Christy's signature course - "How to Ask For The Promotion, Raise, and Bonus You Desire and Deserve."
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Happens After I Pay?
Once your order is complete, you will be prompted to create a user name and password and will get immediate access to Christy's insight.  

When do the live sessions occur with VIP?
The live sessions are hosted every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. The times will vary to accommodate the different time zones of participants. You will be notified by e-mail. The sessions are recorded.

Will I get to ask questions with VIP?
Yes, you can send Christy questions by email or you can ask her directly on the call. 

What books will be selected for the book club?
Christy is a book worm and has a list of her favorite books. They will be personal development based to inspire you to live your best life now. 

How often will I be charged?
It's an annual subscription. Thirty days before it expires, you'll receive an email to confirm. If you plan to stay with us, do nothing. If you want to cancel, just let us know and that will be done. 

What if I don't like the membership site?
While that's unlikely, if you're not satisfied, email Christy's team within 7 days for a full refund. 
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